External Service Provider Opportunity to Support the Coordination of WP2 European (Coastal) Wetlands Restoration Community of Practice (ECoP) within RESTORE4Cs at MedWet

MedWet has opened the recruitment of 1 (one) position – External Service Provider to support the coordination of WP2 European (Coastal) Wetlands Restoration Community of Practice (ECoP), in the scope of RESTORE4Cs – “Modelling RESTORation of wEtlands for Carbon pathways, Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem services, and biodiversity, Co-benefits”, (Grant Agreement 101056782), funded by the European Commission, Call HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01.

This external service will involve the different activities linked to WP2 – European (coastal) wetlands restoration Community of Practice (ECoP) – for a smooth implementation of the role of MedWet in RESTORE4Cs including carrying out an analysis of the project results that can be capitalized and potential opportunities to implement it.

The consultant will be in charge to support the technical coordination to the following tasks:

  • Task 2.1 European Community of Practice co-design and launch plan: coordinate and implement all the activities including the supervision of the ECOP platform designer. Drafting and finalizing Deliverable 2.1 (M1 – M36);
  • Task 2.2 Exchanges between EU projects and clustering with other Horizon Europe and H2020 projects and LIFE: coordinate and implement the activities;
  • Task 2.3 EU/MS level workshops to design the implementation of joint initiatives of the ECoP: coordinate and implement the activities. Drafting and finalizing Deliverable 2.2.

To achieve this, the consultant will:

  • Support the coordination of this WP2 for which MedWet is the leader;
  • Provide essential support to the WP2 of the project, working with the others members of the team;
  • Review progress of WP2 on a regular basis and discuss future steps of the project;
  • arrange meetings for WP2 with project’s members, take minutes of the meetings and preparing
    deliverables and technical reports;
  • be responsible for maintaining crucial WP2 documents which track project progress;
  • identify any potential issues or risks that could affect the implementation of the WP2 and identify
    potential solutions;
  • manage the schedule, monitoring deadlines for WP2 and report any potential delays;
    The Consultant’s mission shall consist of the provision of services for WP2 according to the grant agreement
    number 101056782 — RESTORE4Cs.

Deadline: 18:00 (CET) of 20 September 2023

Job information available here. Technical specifications for this Call for offers available here.

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