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Modelling restoration of wetlands for carbon pathways, climate change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem services, and biodiversity co-benefits


Case Pilots

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Valencian Wetlands​ | Spain

The Marjal dels Moros is a ZEPA protected area, a wetland included in the Catalogue of Wetlands of the Valencian…

Camargue | France

Major wetland in the French Mediterranean coast, including the delta of the Rhône River (130,000 ha). Protection status: Regional Park,…

Ria da Aveiro | Portugal

Coastal lagoon with large areas of continuous saltmarshes, including the Vouga River estuary, the freshwater wetland Pateira de Fermentelos (36,000…

 South-West Dutch Delta | Netherlands

Large area of intertidal waters with mudflats, islets, sand dunes and wet meadows. The marshland plays an important role in…

Curonian Lagoon | Lithuania

The largest European lagoon (total 158,400 ha; 37,895 ha on the Lithuanian side) located in the southern part of the…

Danube Delta | Romania

The largest continuous marshland in Europe (625,000 ha) with rich diversity of wetland habitats, numerous lakes, ponds and marshes. Protection…

News & events

RESTORE4Cs at Wetlands Conference 2024

RESTORE4Cs will be present at the International Conference “Conservation and Management of Wetlands to Tackle Climate Change” to be held from 14 to 16 February 2024, at Complejo “La Petxina” in Valencia, Spain, making the city the focal point of global discussions at the International Wetlands Conference. The event, organised by Fundación Global Nature together…

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World Wetlands Day: How our wellbeing relies on restoring wetlands

Wetlands are connected to human wellbeing. Restoring wetlands contributes to human’s health and integrity. Our wellbeing is linked to our climate.The World Health Organization has recognised how our physical and mental wellbeing rely on a stable climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development.   Wetlands connect all three. An acre of wetlands can hold up to 1.5…

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