LifeWatch ERIC

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The e-Science infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research

LifeWatch ERIC is European Research Infrastructure Consortium providing e-Science research facilities to scientists investigating biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services and services in order to support society in addressing key planetary challenges.

Established as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium by the European Commission in 2017, LifeWatch ERIC accelerates the research effort of the scientific community by delivering the European state-of-the-art e-Infrastructure on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research – a Digital Twin which:

  • provides access to, and support for, key scientific services by applying cutting-edge ICT technology;
  • enables reproducible analytics;
  • is co-designed and co-created with the user communities;
  • is tuned with the needs for research that provides key insights for society, in particular science-based policy.

Involved Staff

Alberto Basset

Director of LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre, Full professor of Ecology

Sara Montinaro

Chief Communication officer

Madeira Scauri

Madeira Scauri

EU Project Communication Officer