RESTORE4Cs will attend the 7th European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB 2024) from 17 to 21 June 2024, in Bologna, Italy.

The 7th ECCB will focus on biodiversity positive by 2030.  This theme presents a positive message and a call to action towards the conservation of our planet’s biodiversity.

Despite the challenges faced in preserving the natural world, significant strides have been made in recent years toward achieving relevant goals. Namely the establishment of new protected areas, the reduction of carbon emissions, and a growing awareness of the importance of biodiversity for our survival and its intrinsic value. In this sense, the event, organised by the Europe Section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), aims to facilitate the exchange of conservation science and nature conservation practice and policy to promote the conservation of biological diversity in Europe.

In order to achieve a sustainable future, the ECCB 2024 provides a platform for knowledge sharing, idea exchange and collaboration between researchers, policy makers and practitioners, believing that to make significant progress in conserving the planet’s biodiversity and creating a world with positive biodiversity by 2030 requires cooperation and initiative.

LifeWatch ERIC and University of Salento, co-leaders of WP8, will attend the congress as representatives of RESTORE4Cs.

Further details about the event can be found on the official website:

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